Piatto Piano

Entrées served with the choice of cream cheese garlic mashed, fire roasted Yukon potatoes, smoked red pepper risotto, mushroom risotto or sweet potato fries and chef’s choice of vegetable. Add a small caesar or garden salad for $4.50

Blackened Ribeye (*GF)


12 oz. hand cut Ribeye seasoned with blackening spices, grilled & topped with Bello’s goat cheese butter.

New York Bruschetta


Grilled 10 oz. New York strip topeed with our avocado tapenade, a honey balsamic reduction, grilled sliced baguette and choice of starch

Firecracker Sirloin


Grilled sirloin on shrimp and baby spinach four-cheese risotto, with a sriracha ranch drizzle

Crimon Rubbed Salmon


Served with a honey citrus glaze, choice of potato and chef's vegetable

Osso Buco


Braised pork shank, fork tender, served over three cheese mashed with our french onion glaze and crispy fried onions

Chicken Marsala Risotto


Pan fried chicken on mushroom risotto over spring greens, tossed in a honey balsamic vinegar smothered with mushrooms and red onions, sauteed in sweet marsala, finished with cream.

Seared Blackened Tuna Naan


Seared, blackened tuna on grilled Indian naan bread with avocado, southwestern pineapple chimchurri and sriracha ranch drizzle