Bello's Signature Cocktails

James & Ginger

Jameson topped off with ginger beer.

Bello's Bloody

Our homemade signature bloody mix with Absolut vodka.

Bello's Bellini

Our secret blend of champagne, chardonnay, and rum served frozen, with your choice of strawberry, raspberry or mango.

Sweet Basil Mojito

Bacardi Limon, fresh mint, basil topped with club soda

Minnesota Park Swizzle

Minnesota White Water Whiskey with soda water, grenadine, and simple syrup and fresh mint leaves.

Bello's Pina Colada

Bacardi rum with a splash of blue curacao blended together.

Strawberry Lemon Drop

Strawberry schnapps mixed with Absolut Citron and sweet & sour topped in a sugar rim martini glass

Italian Punch

Orange juice and grapefruit juice mixed with E&J brandy and spumante topped off with cranberry juice

Tipsy Peach Tea

Jeremiah Weed mixed with peach schnapps and lemonade.

Sweet Patio Tea

Canadian whiskey and peach schapps mixed with ice tea and a splash of lemonade

Minnesota Sky

Jeremiah Weed topped off with blue curaco and finished with lemonade

Tuscan Tea

Bacardi Limon mixed with half lemonade and half ice tea.

Cucumber Mojito

Cucumber Mojito

Minnesota Sky

Minnesota Sky

Regular Mojito

Regular Mojito